How to Ask for Real Estate Referrals? (3 Important Tips – Never Ignore!)

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How to Ask for Real Estate Referrals? Ask any experienced real estate experts about what their most ideal source of business is and the majority of them would likely tell you referrals. Some customers give real estate referrals without prompting. However, most will not think to do so, no matter how they loved your service. Take note that the basic rule of sales is that you should ask to get and this is absolutely true for most referrals. Also, Discover Our sister website for Floor Planner services.

Real Estate Referrals

Once you feel a bit awkward asking for some referrals, there are several scripts that will help you be more at ease. You may ask for some referrals after, during, and before the sale. But, you should do the asking in a graceful manner to approach the topic at every transaction stage. All scripts are used by the top-producing practitioners who help them establish the new business.

Aside from building conversations to drive referrals in the transaction, there are some opportunities to reinforce request for referrals. These include the following:

3 Important Tips for Real Estate Referrals

  • Following Up After Sale

Follow-up after sale is good business as it enables customers to know you’re interested in their welfare and makes it simpler to ask for real estate referrals in the long run. 2 weeks after your closing, consider calling to say hello and ask about their experience. You should also ask if they need other things and assure them that they can always count on you if they have other concerns. After that, don’t be afraid to ask them to refer you to their work associates and new neighbors. Asking them of somebody who’s planning to sell or buy a home can also help you get more referrals.

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  • Updating Everybody Who Provides You Referrals

A lot of people love and enjoy being appreciated. Once you get referrals, thank the one who gave it to you and always keeps them updated. Contact and say that you appreciate his or her effort to refer you. Then, ask how are they and give some updates if necessary. Contact your client again for another update if the sale is already completed. Continue showing interest in those who send you referrals and they will send you more because you have shown them that you care.

  • Ask for Referrals on Marketing Materials

Add these to your letters, brochures, and on the back part of your business cards. The biggest compliment that the customers can give you is to recommend you to their friends and show them that you appreciate real estate referrals.

The thought is simple. Just ask and you will receive. It is very important to ask for real estate referrals. Although it’s one of the simpler prospecting methods, it’s neglected often. A typical complaint among sellers and homebuyers is that they don’t hear from their agents again once the transaction is done. Never make this mistake and reap what you could sow through keeping in touch with everybody you’ve helped and asked about their welfare. This follow-through would pay dividends for many years to come.

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